"['World Rhythms'] treated me to a wonderful evening. A fast feast of round-the-world
dance – from the flamboyant decorum of the Mexican Hat Dance and a flirtatious Russian
number where the couple’s story was told with flashing eyes, a handkerchief, and nimble
feet, to a clattering clog dance from Appalachia, to the Hawaiian Hula where hips and hands
held sway (in every sense), to the fast Tahitian hula and a slow languorous Tibetan dance.
And those are only some of the dances that this talented, enthusiastic company put on with
verve and panache. A delight!”
   - Dr. Charles Stickney, author, World Enough

"World Dance Theatre Entertains with Diversity"
   - Evan Mantyk, The Epoch Times, 2005


Theatrical Performances Dances from seemingly dissimilar cultures are woven together in a glorious tapestry. Read more...
Assembly ProgramsWorld Dance Theatre offers assembly programs to fit every budget. Read more...
Arts-in-Education Students of all ages gain a familiarity with and appreciation of foreign traditions and cultural diversity through our performances and residencies.Read more...


For more information on World Dance Theatre's programs and perfomances, please contact Suzi Myers Tipa

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