Theatrical Performances


World Dance Theatre's dynamic performance ensemble brings audiences the diversity, beauty, and artistic excellence of world ethnic dances. Dances from seemingly dissimilar cultures are woven together in a glorious tapestry that celebrates the relationships among global movement and musical styles. Our performers, from diverse cultural backgrounds, share the exhilaration of their nations' dance and learn from each other, embracing the ideal of using the arts to transcend racial and national barriers.

Currently we are running 3 different productions: Little Red: A Fairy Tale in Rhythm and Rhyme, Cinderella and Journeys. Check below for more information!

Our Current Productions

Little Red: A Fairy Tale in Rhythm and RhymeLittle Red Riding Hood leaps off the pages and comes to life with international dances from Ireland, Canada, Argentina and the US.
CinderellaTake a trip around the world through dance, as World Dance Theatre tells the story of Cinderella, a fairy tale whose message transcends racial and cultural barriers.
JourneysDances from around the world are woven together, building the bonds of cultural appreciation and inspiring respect and unity among people of all ages.


For more information on world Dance Theatre's Theatrical Performances, please contact Suzi Myers Tipa

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